Denture production over the past 100 years has barely changed. The time tested methods and materials have gone into millions of custom dentures all over the world.

The I-Denture system has been introduced to compliment these methods, whilst introducing the future of dental technology.

With an I-Denture, we can do more than just replace your missing teeth. We will help you achieve the look and feel you deserve.

Make over your smile
Restore your confidence
Precision fit and comfort
Proven, long lasting durability

The I-Denture aims to get suction on your lower denture. If you have had dentures for a long time, you know that your lower denture is a lot less stable than an upper denture. Please see our video on the I-denture and what can be achieved.

We are the only clinic in Tameside who can provide this system. For more information about this you can visit www.identure.co.uk or telephone to book in for a consultation.