Denture Advice
Are your dentures old and worn? Are you unhappy with your smile? Are your dentures causing you embarrassment? Helping you smile, eat and talk with confidence. We want your new dentures to look and feel the very best they can.
We use the best quality denture materials, the most modern denture fabrication techniques and we are meticulous in our attention to detail during the clinical stages in the surgery.

We take time to listen to your needs and concerns and, we individually personalise your new dentures to suit you and to enhance your smile. All of this ensures we provide you with dentures of the highest quality - dentures that fit comfortably and look totally natural, helping you to eat, smile and talk with confidence for many years to come!

Before making a new set of dentures, you will be asked to complete a medical history form to provide Wayne with information regarding your current medical and dental health.  This is to ensure that Wayne is fully prepared at each stage.

If you have a photograph of you with your natural teeth, please bring this along with you as Wayne can use this to help re-create your natural look.   If you have any questions regarding your dentures at any stage, please do not hesitate to ask.  Wayne will not move onto the next stage of your dentures until you are happy.

You will be required to pay 20% of the cost of your dentures at each appointment. It will take on average 5 appointments to make your new dentures.
It can therefore take up to 5 weeks, as we aim to do one appointment a week.  Appointments can last from 30 - 60 minutes depending on the stage you are at.  

There are then 3 after care appointments.  One after week one, another after week two and then a further appointment, one month later.  This is to see how you are getting on with them and any issues that you may have.
We offer dentures in acrylic (plastic), Chrome cobalt (metal) and Vertex Thermosens (clinically unbreakable).

For our gold package we use the BPS technique.  BPS means: Biofunctional: The most important emand on you denture is to reproduce the functions of your natural teeeth during chewing and speaking.  Prosthetic: Only certified clinical dental technician are authorised to make BPS dentures after a thorough analysis of your oral situation. System:  BPS dentures are made with especially co-ordinated material